Barton Watchband for Samsung Galaxy Watch

I jumped on the Galaxy Watch bandwagon since late last year and left the Apple Watch behind collecting dust in the drawer. Never regret since then. One of the main reasons was the customisable of the software, in particular, the watch faces. And now, also the accessories - like the watch bands. Thanks to Samsung's decision to utilise many standards of the conventional watches, i.e the standard 20mm or 22mm straps connections and the lug sizes. Which means many accessories for the Galaxy Watch also fit my other conventional watches, like my legendary Seiko Skx007. 

I was slightly underwhelmed when looking around on eBay, unhappy with the cheapish looking of many products, many are fake. Then the Barton Watch band caught my eyes. Still unconvinced, I visited their website and was blown away by the vast collections. I ordered one straight away. Two weeks later, it was in my mailbox. Amazed, they actually shipped it from the US!

  • 2-tone silicone material (black top / orange bottom)
  • Integrated Quick Release spring bars
  • Black brushed stainless steal buckle
  • Lug width 22 mm
  • Fit Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm or 42mm). The one in review is 46mm
Note: I am not in any way associated with Barton Watch Band P/L. I saw the product. I was curious. I purchased the product and made this review.

So here it is, please enjoy the video.

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