What is free energy?

Imagine this.

You live in a far distant time and place somewhere in the universe - a desert planet - maybe. The place is lacking in vital substance, namely "water"! You thought that you could do something about this and harbouring all your effort, time and money in the search for it. 

At last, you found it. By hook and by crook, you invested all your resources building infrastructure to bring water to your village.

Why does water swirl clockwise?

photo by Ignacio Sanz
Here was the situation, you were being abducted and kept in a secret place. Where in the world were you? You asked to use a toilet and as you flushed the water down the toilet bowl, you observed the direction the water swirling down, you then figured out that you were in the southern hemisphere. See? Now your problem is halved.

Moss, which way is north?

I was sorting through the pictures I took during hiking in Otway National Park, near Otway Fly Treetop, in Victoria, over a year ago. That was when I spotted this peculiar picture. "In jungle, moss always grows on the north side of a tree", McGyver (I think?) often said this. And with this knowledge, he was never lost in the woods. Cool!

But, why always on the north side?!

Friday - Day of Love, Beauty, and Sex!

Picture by John Charles Dollman
(1851–1934), wikipedia.org
available under United States 
public domain
Friday - it's the day between Thursday and Saturday[3]. Gee! How smart! Depends on how you start your week, it can be either the 5th day or the 6th day of the week. For me I like to think of it as the last working day of the week.

At the Edge of the Sea

"I want to run far far away. 
To the edge of the world, to the edge of the sea. 
To the place where plenty is happiness, my loves, and me. 
I want to wake up in this place at the edge of the sea. 
Recuperate. Rejuvenate. Re-harness the power and love given by the sea. 
Then I will come back and reclaim conquest that everybody must see."

Why do they call it "freestyle" for a freestyle swimming

Uploaded by Chris 73
My 9-yo son came back from swimming lesson at school, "Daddy I came 2nd in my group". I asked him what style did he swam. He told me they were freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and etc. Then he asked me back, "Daddy, why do they called it Freestyle?"

I told him that he had much to learn and that if he finished his milk, I would tell him...

Now, where is my wikipedia?

Why there is a hole in my donut?!

photo by Ann Gordon
"Donut" or "doughnut" - a fried dough food popular in many country, prepared in various forms of sweet but most popular in form of ring shape dough.

"But why there is a hole in my donut?!"

We did this?! - Stone of Pregnant Woman (updated 2012-02-04)

photo by Ralph Ellis, wikipedia.org
Hadja el Hibla - This massive 1k-ton stone is situated at Baalbek city in Lebanon. It's size roughly is 20m in length, 4m in width, and 4m in  height. It has been approximated to weigh up to 1,000.12 tons! [1] - think of 10 -13 school buses stacking upon each other! [2]

136 hours of pleasure - things to learn from nature!

Photo by Me this morning. 
Copy and reuse all you like. Just appreciate the nature.
Phasmatodea, phasmida, stick insect, walking stick, stick bug - refer to insects whose bodies resemblance sticks or leaves.

My sensei often said, "to harness
harmonious Qi of nature, you can observe her creations and learn from them."