What is free energy?

Imagine this.

You live in a far distant time and place somewhere in the universe - a desert planet - maybe. The place is lacking in vital substance, namely "water"! You thought that you could do something about this and harbouring all your effort, time and money in the search for it. 

At last, you found it. By hook and by crook, you invested all your resources building infrastructure to bring water to your village.

Why does water swirl clockwise?

photo by Ignacio Sanz
Here was the situation, you were being abducted and kept in a secret place. Where in the world were you? You asked to use a toilet and as you flushed the water down the toilet bowl, you observed the direction the water swirling down, you then figured out that you were in the southern hemisphere. See? Now your problem is halved.

Moss, which way is north?

I was sorting through the pictures I took during hiking in Otway National Park, near Otway Fly Treetop, in Victoria, over a year ago. That was when I spotted this peculiar picture. "In jungle, moss always grows on the north side of a tree", McGyver (I think?) often said this. And with this knowledge, he was never lost in the woods. Cool!

But, why always on the north side?!

Friday - Day of Love, Beauty, and Sex!

Picture by John Charles Dollman
(1851–1934), wikipedia.org
available under United States 
public domain
Friday - it's the day between Thursday and Saturday[3]. Gee! How smart! Depends on how you start your week, it can be either the 5th day or the 6th day of the week. For me I like to think of it as the last working day of the week.

At the Edge of the Sea

"I want to run far far away. 
To the edge of the world, to the edge of the sea. 
To the place where plenty is happiness, my loves, and me. 
I want to wake up in this place at the edge of the sea. 
Recuperate. Rejuvenate. Re-harness the power and love given by the sea. 
Then I will come back and reclaim conquest that everybody must see."

Why do they call it "freestyle" for a freestyle swimming

Uploaded by Chris 73
My 9-yo son came back from swimming lesson at school, "Daddy I came 2nd in my group". I asked him what style did he swam. He told me they were freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and etc. Then he asked me back, "Daddy, why do they called it Freestyle?"

I told him that he had much to learn and that if he finished his milk, I would tell him...

Now, where is my wikipedia?

Why there is a hole in my donut?!

photo by Ann Gordon
"Donut" or "doughnut" - a fried dough food popular in many country, prepared in various forms of sweet but most popular in form of ring shape dough.

"But why there is a hole in my donut?!"

We did this?! - Stone of Pregnant Woman (updated 2012-02-04)

photo by Ralph Ellis, wikipedia.org
Hadja el Hibla - This massive 1k-ton stone is situated at Baalbek city in Lebanon. It's size roughly is 20m in length, 4m in width, and 4m in  height. It has been approximated to weigh up to 1,000.12 tons! [1] - think of 10 -13 school buses stacking upon each other! [2]

136 hours of pleasure - things to learn from nature!

Photo by Me this morning. 
Copy and reuse all you like. Just appreciate the nature.
Phasmatodea, phasmida, stick insect, walking stick, stick bug - refer to insects whose bodies resemblance sticks or leaves.

My sensei often said, "to harness
harmonious Qi of nature, you can observe her creations and learn from them."

What does it take to make you believe?

"Extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence", someone once said.

Would you believe someone on the street if he/she told you something unbelievable? Would you believe if he/she was a car saleman? Would you believe if he/she was a teacher? A policeman? A judge? A doctor? What about if he is an astronaut? How about 3 remarkable astronauts?
by new realities [1]
Edgar Dean Mitchell, Sc. D., born September 17, 1930, NASA astronaut Apollo 14, the 6th person to walk on the moon [2].

Laughing Buddha

2012 Chinese New Year
May everyone be this happy.
And More!
Laughing Buddha. Fat Buddha. Happy Buddha. Smiling Buddha. Phra Sangkajai. Bu Dai. Or Hotei'.

His power: absorb negative energies or negative feeling and radiate positive feeling. Chinese people put him inside their houses facing the front door for bringing luck.

Why does golf ball needs two pair of shorts?

photo by J4913
"Want to hear a joke?", my 9yo son asked. Since he started to read, he loved reading and telling jokes.

"Why does a golf ball needs two pair of shorts?", he asked.
I smiled, "I don't know!"

Why 8-hour working day, 5-day week?

"It's manic monday!", that was what the Bangles said. 
"I wish it was sunday. Cause it's my funday..." 

Hmm. For along time, I have never met anyone who *likes* monday! What else does it associated with? Upset. Manic. Madness. Rush. Cranky. Moody. Aunt-Irma-visits!.  Did I say "upset"?!

The Dragon is Coming! Happy New Year!

2012 Chinese New Year is on Monday January 23. It is the year of the water Dragon. Chinese New Year is the most important day for chinese. It's also known as the "Spring Festival" holiday.

"iCuriosity.com" wished everybody that this year be the most happy, healthy, and prosperous year."

[1] Chinese New Year, Wikipedia.org

Another Place. Another Time

"Another place, Another time,
Where once my dream rhymed,
Who I am to make a demand,
Just this photo to remind me of that time."

Secret to growing *hot* chillie

People at iCuriosity.com worship Chillies. The hotter the chilli the more respectful it gets. Growing up in Thailand, I am familiar (addicted!) to hot food. The hotter the better. My friends suspected me of being Masochist!

"2: pleasure in being abused or dominated : a taste for suffering"
from Mariam-Webster.com

In Australia, we spent decade searching for fruit/veggie shops that sell super hot chilli. We gave up and decided to grow our own. After another decade, we think we've found the *secret*! Here is what you need:

Pins & Needles in my leg

"Sitting down for too long, I literally had pins & needles in my leg. Ha ha ha"

Ancient Astronaut: Pacal's sarcophagus lid

photo by Ariaski
"It can't be more obvious than this!", I announced.
To the right is the engraved picture on Pacal's Sarcophagus found in Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, Mexico.

King Pacal died in 683 CE, give or take, this sarcophagus is approximately 1300 years old!

I downloaded this image. Rotated it around in all angles and could only arrive at one conclusion.
"You are too bias," my partner said. "It's because you've been reading Von Deniken's books too much," she concluded.
She maybe right, so I turned my macbook around and showed the image to my kids.
"Uhhh, it's a man working in factory", my 5 years old son reckoned.

Top-view line-drawn version by Madman2001
Pacal The Great Tomb Lid
image by Madman2001
"Oooh! ooh!", my 7 years old daughter got excited, "It's a man riding a rocket!"
I turned my mac around and gave a victory-look to my partner,
"See! It can't be more obvious than this."

obtained under Creative Commons


Today Match: Federer Vs Karlovic

Australian Open 2012
Rod Laver Arena
Fri Jan 11am
Roger Federer
Ivo Karlovic'
Age:30 (8 Aug 1981)32 (28 Feb 1979)
Career Prize:$67.47m$4.14m
Career Win810195
Career Lost186181
Strengthbeing Federer!Aces serves (up to 251 km/h)
ResultFederer won 7-6(6) 7-5 6-3

Clear Soup Noodle with Tender Veal

  • wash veggies
    Chemtrail anyone?!
  • Preparing the clear soup
    Psst! This is a "secret" for cooking this type of noodle like a pro - this noodle has *clear* soup.
    • Boil 3 litres of water. Wait until boiled then reduced to simmer
    • added osso bucco veal
    • added 1 whole peeled onion
    • 1 tbls of crystal salt
    • 2 celery sticks chopped to the size of about 3"
    • 8 roots of coriander (root only)
    • topping up water to the soup if it's running dry. Do not stir.
    • Simmer for at least 2 hours keep removing froth. Do not stir
    • After 2+ hours (the longer the better), remove everything, keep the clear soup and osso bucco meat. Remove bones. Keep it warm.
  • Soak vermicelli noodle in room-temperature fresh water for 1/2 hour
  • Slice celeries to thin slice
  • Slice fresh chillies and put in a small bowl. Add 3 tbls of white vinegar. Add this to your noodle to your taste
  • Peel and flatten 1 glove of garlic. Submerge it in 1 tbls of cooking oil. Microwave high until golden brown
    Don't tell anyone - add a few drops of this gives wonderful aroma!
  • Bring the clear soup to gentle boil
  • Boil half a pot of fresh water. Put the noodles in strainer then submerge in boiling water for 5-7 sec. Remove from water. Strain all excessive water.
  • Put only noodles in a serving bowl
  • Add a handful of bean sprouts
  • Add half a bowl of clear soup with osso bucco
  • Add sliced celeries, sliced spring onion
  • Add soy sauce, sugar, ground chillies, pepper, chillies-vinegar, and garlic oil to your taste
  • Oh! Eat with chopsticks!
    Eat with other cutlery will ruin the taste of food!
Ingredients (5-6 serves)
  • Osso Bucco 5-6 pieces (about 1/2 - 1 kg) 
  • Peeled onion (x1) 
  • Peeled and flatten garlic glove (x1) 
  • Crystal salt (1 tbls) 
  • Celery sticks (x2) 
  • Coriander (8 roots) 
  • Bean sprouts 
  • Spring onion 
  • vermicelli noodle (1 pack) 
  • White soy sauce, sugar, ground chillies, and pepper

Sexual cannibalism

"Take my advice, little guy, stay single!"
Met this little guy in my front garden. So I looked him up. This is what I found. Excerpt from Wikipedia:
"Sexual cannibalism is common among mantises in captivity, and under some circumstances may also be observed in the field. The female may start feeding by biting off the male’s head (as they do with regular prey), and if mating had begun, the male’s movements may become even more vigorous in its delivery of sperm."


BTW: we support Wikipedia.org's fight against SOPA and PIPA. We Support "Free Knowledge" More info here!

Ancient Civilisation: Tiwanaku

Tiwanaku [6]
Location: 16°33'17"S, 68°40'24"W 
Tiwanaku. An ancient's construction site with megalithic structure. Located 3,850m above sea level, in Bolivia, South America [7].

"This make Tiwanaku the highest, above the sea level, ancient civilisation in the world. Why would anyone went up that high just to make a living?!"

Tiwanaku may have been occupied as early as 1500 BC. There is no record that this people have any written language nor they did know about wheel [1]. Their megalith structure comprises of large stones range from several tons up to ~26 tons. The Gateway of Sun God was carved out of a single block of stone weighing up to 10 tons. The quarries where the stones may be obtained from are located at ~80 km away.

This is a bit odd! Any advance and complex construction would require precise written specification and good transportation (by air, wheels, or boats). These people didn't know about wheels and nor that they could fly. So even with boats, they would still need to drag these huge stones around from over 80 km.

Imagine how the working days of its head architect would be,

"Ahh, Tom? I'd like you to take 100-200 people and go across the valley, to the quarry, and fetch me couple of odd thousands block of stones"..."bunches of them should be the size of your head, several hundred more should be the size of (scratched his head - they didn't have written language, remember?)... ah... looked around ... There! the size of 3 of that cow putting together! ..."

Imagine when Tom returned with all the stones that perfectly fit together The construction was done!

Tiwanaku people did not know how the megalith construction was built, so I don't think that  they were the actual builder. From this I incline to think that Tiwanaku megaliths were build way before 1500 BC. The art and carving on the surfaces do not present the same precision and complexity as the megalith construction itself. This implies that the surface arts may not be done using the same techniques, or it may be done by different people, different time, different eras. In fact, [1] suggests that these structures were built by their "Sun God":

"The Tiwanaku believed that Viracocha created giants to move the massive stones that comprise much of their archaeology, but then grew unhappy with the giants and created a flood to destroy them [1]."

Okay! So here is my interpretation...

Some good reading:

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This is an invitation to all of our readers. If you have some nice pictures that raise curiosity, you are welcome to share them here at our website.

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Bad Teeth? Bad breath? Chew some bone

I was reduced to two inches when I was stared down by this vet at the clinic - it felt like one of those times when I was sent to the principal's office.

"Your dog has a bit of brown teeth. You don't feed him enough bones to chew?!", he said.

 It turned out raw bones are good for your dog and his teeth. Contrary to my believe, my vet said that giving him raw bones of at least 3-4 time a week helps clean his teeth. Your dog will also has cleaner breath. If dog's teeth, especially molar teeth, look brown it is a sign that your dog's teeth is not clean - source of bad breath and other diseases. You can get him a denture treatment which is very expensive (approx. $600-$800 or more) and it might already be too late.

You can get lamb's bones (for soup) from butcher shop very cheap, about $4-5 for 1-2 kg which should last a week. My vet said to chop them up to size of about my hand, put in plastic bags and freeze them in the freezer. Before going to bed, take one out and let it thaw during the night. You can give it to him in the morning.  I have a two year-old border collie and he loves them.

It works! After just one week, my dog's teeth are now back to pearly white again and his breath is so much better. I could almost kiss him now.

Picture of the day - Saucer in my front yard!

There was a saucer in my front yard!

I did the tossing of the veggy bowl.
My 9 yo son did the snap on my iPhone.
Instagram did the effect and posting (see here).

Pretty cool, huh?