On Person Carry

Welcome to iCuriosity's On Person Carry or just OPC for short. 
There are many other EDC (Everyday Carry) websites, however, I found that it also fits nicely to "curiosity" type of blogs. So here it is - a new section to iCuriosity.com. As slight variation to EDC, OPC aims for those items you carry upon your person at all or almost all the time.

You are very welcome to share your proud OPC with all iCuriosity's readers here. Please send your email with photo of your OPC to:
(note, replace '_at_' with the '@' symbol)
Your email will not be displayed or used in any other purposes except notification to you that your post has been published. Please also specify:
  • Your name or nickname
  • Short description of your items

 Here are my On Person Carry, in order of time stay on-person:
  • Leatherman Skeletool CX
  • The "Sub" Cerachrome Stainless Steel
  • iPhone 4 in In-Case wallet case
  • Credit card + driver license (in In-Case wallet case)
  • Money and bus/train ticket and an extra credit card in my money clipper
  • House keys

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