Politics 101: Distortion

"To see the big picture, it is sometime necessary to distort the facts."

I stood there looking at the concave street mirror and taking pictures of it. I came to realise the function and appreciated the usefulness of it. What it does is to provide the big picture of street view beyond my normal range of visual ability. It does this by distorting the image - by distorting the fact! Pictures inside the mirror are not the true representation of reality. Their sizes, their shapes are all wrong. What you see in the concave mirror, there, are all lies! Yet, do I appreciate these lies? Yes!

This make me wondered - all these things that happen in this world, in order to provide us with the big pictures, how many lies, deceit, and distortions have been made and told? Would I appreciate if I know the truths?

How many times do you appreciate lies people tell to you? ...

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