What is Numerology?

What is Numerology?

Is it science? Pseudo science? Lies? Superstition? Is it fakery? Is it real? Is it comedy, tragedy, or dramas? What is it?!

To me, Numerology is a language. Just like, English language, or Thai, or Chinese, Braille, or sign language. What is a language? Language is just a tool. A tool that we, human, uses to describe things, events, thoughts, feeling, relationships, etc, etc. 
English has 26 alphabets, Chinese has thousands. Why numerology has only few: 1 to 9, 11, 22, and 33? Do you think 26 letters are enough to describe love stories, history, the world? How about just 2 letters then? 0 and 1. Yes it's computer binary code. It's also a language. Is it enough to write programs that send men to the moon?
The answer is how you want to use it. The more letters gives the more expressive power to describe things. But when you want precision, i.e perform some calculation, human reduced those choices to just 10 - a decimal base system - that's 0 to 9. 
So what do you think of English as a language? Is it a lie, fakery, comedy, drama, and so on and on? Can you tell lies with English language? Can you write history of the world in Braille?
Remember, Numerology is a language. Just a language. Language is a tool.

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