Why there is a hole in my donut?!

photo by Ann Gordon
"Donut" or "doughnut" - a fried dough food popular in many country, prepared in various forms of sweet but most popular in form of ring shape dough.

"But why there is a hole in my donut?!"

One explanation is that, a hole in a donut allows it to be cooked evenly. Ring donut is formed by joining a long skinny piece of dough into a ring shape or a flat dough can be cut using donut cutter.

Another explanation linked back to the legend of how a donut was discovered - it was said that a ring-shaped donut was invented by Hanson Gregory [2], a 16-year old american who grew bored with the existing shapes of his dough sweets and started twisting and playing with it. Eventually, he cut the dough with a tin can into a shape of a ring and taught this technique to his mother.
photo by douglaswray

"Well, at iCuriosity, it's -
Why there is a hole in my donut?"

Some said that Hansen were just tried to save on the dough and re-used them for cooking even more donuts! Other said that Hansen discovered this accidentally on the ship during a storm - in order for him to put both of his hands on a ship's wheel, he poked one of ship's pole through his mother's dough and kept it there. Right!

It's 10 o'clock and it's my coffee break time. For some reason, I have a strong urge for - guess what - donut! I think I will try poking my finger through the donut and keep it there while I have a coffee.

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[3] "Paul", thanks mate, for pointing out this funny post by douglaswray on instagr.am

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