136 hours of pleasure - things to learn from nature!

Photo by Me this morning. 
Copy and reuse all you like. Just appreciate the nature.
Phasmatodea, phasmida, stick insect, walking stick, stick bug - refer to insects whose bodies resemblance sticks or leaves.

My sensei often said, "to harness
harmonious Qi of nature, you can observe her creations and learn from them."

So this morning, I met this guy in the garden and decide to learn a thing or two from him...

"It is not uncommon for this species to assume the mating posture for days or weeks on end, and among some species (Diapheromera veliei Walsh and D. Covilleae), pairing has been observed to last 3-136 hours in captivity"[1].

OMG! 3-136 hours of excitement and happiness! 136 hours of fun!

"Learn from nature...", words of my sensei still echoing in my head. 

I looked up to the sky and said "yes, Sensei, I'll try my best..."

136 hours later I returned and found him like this!

(picture to the left, I poked him gently couple of times, and he played dead on me - how cute!)

[1] Phasmatodea, wikipedia.org

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