Moss, which way is north?

I was sorting through the pictures I took during hiking in Otway National Park, near Otway Fly Treetop, in Victoria, over a year ago. That was when I spotted this peculiar picture. "In jungle, moss always grows on the north side of a tree", McGyver (I think?) often said this. And with this knowledge, he was never lost in the woods. Cool!

But, why always on the north side?!

I was thinking a long the line of that moss can sense some magnetic force of the mother earth. Not so fast!

As it turned out, moss is very nice living type of vegetation that likes to grow in the damp and moist places. Although, it is common to find them grow on treess, they do not absorb food from the trees they grow on. Instead moss produces food via photosynthesis process - they only use moisture from the surface and the sun!

But why the north side?

This is because in northern hemisphere, north side of the tree, usually is the darker side and hence contains more moisture. Logically, in the southern hemisphere, like in Australia, the south side would be more damp.

Now, back to this picture, although I took the picture myself, but now I have no clue of which part of the bush it came from or at which direction I was oriented. But if I have to guess I would guess that right side is south and left is north.

Anyhow, never go into the woods without proper equipments!

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