Friday - Day of Love, Beauty, and Sex!

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Friday - it's the day between Thursday and Saturday[3]. Gee! How smart! Depends on how you start your week, it can be either the 5th day or the 6th day of the week. For me I like to think of it as the last working day of the week.

Friday is represented by Frigg - a german goddess equivalent to Venus, or Friya, or Frija. As the name suggested, it is associated with the planet Venus. Whether it's Frigg, Friya, or Frija, Frida is the day of love, beauty and sex[1][6], nothing to protest - I love friday!

Day of sex?!!! I did not come up with this. Honest! Check [1] and [6] out yourself.

Color associated to it is blue (in Thailand). In Japan, it's a Gold Day! Some country and religion do not like Friday and think of it as an unlucky day. The worst friday would be Friday 13th. I don't believe in this, but I don't do business or sign anything on this day. As often as I can, I take friday off work.

For me TGIF & so I should POETS! ;-)

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