How to Grow Mini Moss Garden for Desktop.

I will share my secrets with you.

Tools that you’ll need: a plastic container/takeaway box, a tablespoon, a fork, a toothpick, a chopstick, a spatula, a pair of rubber fitted glove (as it is easier to pick up moss), a ceramic bowl or jar, a spray bottle, a damp cloth.

Step 1: Gather some moss and put aside in a container. (I am from Melbourne, Australia, so moss is more readily available during the cooler seasons). You can find moss along the footpaths, nature strips, along the south sides of the buildings, at bus-stops etc.

Step 2: Pick your display bowl or container that you want to display your moss in. (I often use ceramic or earthen ware as I find it more aesthetic)

Step 3: Get a few tablespoonfuls of the earth/sand/soil under where you had previously collected your moss. Do not compact the soil, otherwise it will be difficult for the moss to attach to the soil. (I used to pad the soil down so firm that my moss didn’t survive and it couldn’t attach to the soil, so keep the soil loose by using a fork to loosen it a little bit.)

Step 4: Using a tooth pick or a smaller end of a chopstick or spoon or fork to design your layout by gently pushing the soil to create a rolling hill look for example.

Step 5: Using a small utensil, such as spatula or a fork, gently place the moss in your bowl. Adjust the positioning of the moss until you’re happy with how it looks. This is where you get to showcase your artistic, landscaping skills. ;)

Step 6: Spray a fine mist on the moss (I usually spray about 3 or more times depending on the size and condition (how moist) of the moss.

Step 7: Use a small damp cloth to wipe around the edge of the bowl and …. tada… you have your own miniature moss garden!

Check out my next blog on how to care for your miniature moss garden. BTW, if you have any requests or question, let me know in the comments section below. See you soon.

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