Pineal Gland - Biological Viewpoint

What is the fuss that people are talking about this body organ that claims to give psychic super power ability?

Follow this multi-parts study about this unique body organ that in pseudoscience it is dubbed as "the third eye".

What is Pineal Gland?
Pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It has a shape resembles a pine cone, reddish-gray in colour and is about the size of a grain of rice (5-8 mm) in humans. Located in the epithalamus, near the centre of the brain, the pineal gland is the only midline brain structure that is unpaired.

Biological Viewpoint:

As a member of endocrine system, it secretes its products, hormones, directly into the blood and delivered to the organs of the body - in this case, the nearest organs are the brain and the nervous system. The hormones produced primarily by Pineal gland are: melatonin and serotonin.

Melatonin regulates sleep and wakefulness (circadian rhythm). It is also associated with blood pressure regulation, seasonal reproduction, antioxidant, and immune system.

Serotonin, the happiness hormone, is thought to be linked to: the regulation of mood, appetite, sleep, and cognitive functions like memory and learning.


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