Numerology: What is Life Path Number?

The Life Path number is the most important number. It it a blueprint describing the road-map of your life - Hence the name "Life Path".

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It is derived from your full birth date. It is the number that gives a precise, accurate description of the natural gifts and abilities.

The set of skills and talents that you were endowed with at birth are portrayed by your Life Path number. It outlines the type of person that you truly are, not what you wish to be or what you could have become. It is the number that gives an indication of the opportunities and challenges that you may encounter in your life. With each Life Path number, there are strengths (positive) and weaknesses (negative) implications.

Since your Life Path number evolved from your full birth date, it encapsulates your whole being and acts as a master plan throughout your entire life. Your Life Path number is your detailed schematic with tips and hints about the paths or actions that you should take in order to achieve your sense of “happiness” or “success” in this life.

Your endeavours and successes in life depend on how you develop your positive traits and minimise the influences of your negative traits. The Life Path that you were shown at birth came with a set of natural skills and talents, that you will instinctively depend on as you travel on your life’s journey.

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