3AM - The Witching Hour

[[File:A perturbed young woman fast asleep Wellcome V0016638.jpg|thumb|A perturbed young woman fast asleep Wellcome V0016638]]
... I loaded our luggages into the van. It was black, "Very unusual van", so I thought. I got myself to the driver side, "Have I seen this van before?". Inside was very luxurious, plush cream leather. There were already 2 other people inside!. On the passenger side, there was my brother! I had not seen him for a long while.

He was yelling, upsetting at something. He waved his hands around and started hitting and banging on the dashboard. I told him that I was not driving with him like this. "Step outside and talk", I demanded. We confronted each other outside the van. He pushed and shoved me around. I pulled him in and hugged. He froze.

"Whatever you do, don't touch my butt", I said. 

We bursted out laughing. The laughter was still echoing in my ears when I opened my eyes -- 3AM! 

For as long as I can remember, I often got woken-up and could not put myself back to sleep. Again and again, it was always around 3 o'clock! Why?! At first, I thought It was just me. But then I started telling my friends.

"Ah!, the 'witching hour'", one of my friends said.

The witching hour?!

Apparently, lots of people have experienced this symptom throughout history. Symptom? Phenomenon? Googling around, surprisingly, here how common it was that I found.

The witching hour is the time 3am, at which witches, demons, ghosts, and gremlins are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful. Black magic is thought to be most effective at this hour! -- wikipedia.org

3AM - 4AM -- the Dead Time! Catholic church will not perform any church services and prayers!

2:33AM - 3:33AM -- the Devil's hour! This is an inversion of the time at which Christ died at Calvary! Checking history, It said that Jesus died a holy hour at 3pm. 3am, is the exact opposite -- a mockery of the holy trinity.

Some websites suggest a more scientific explanation -- your heart rate, cardiac pressure, breathing and arterial pressure becomes irregular at this hour (Why is 3-5AM The Creepiest Time). So I guess that you are prone to wake up! But why 3AM precisely?! Is our body's biological clock that precise? I doubt it.

4AM -- "There goes, my night". As every other times, I could never put myself back to sleep. I got up, got myself a warm glass of milk, I sat and started typing this blog. I did sense some dark shadowy figures outside my window gleaming, looking at me. But, don't worry, I guaranteed you, I will never look outside ... until first light.

* The scary image above came from Wikimedia Commons: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/70/A_perturbed_young_woman_fast_asleep_Wellcome_V0016638.jpg. See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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