Top 5 Secrets to Losing Weight Fast and Within Budget.

I know what it's like to have gained over 20kg after childbirth. Before giving birth to my first child, I was 50kg, 160cm tall and led an active lifestyle. Three months after giving birth to my daughter, I weighed at 72kg!

This was such a shock to me that I experienced a period of depression and was unable to bring myself out for a short stroll, and perhaps to get some fresh air. I didn't like myself very much then. I remembered how I was huffing and puffing just to get up the stairs from the garage! Why was I feeling so out of breath? I guess, it was the diet that I got me ... mostly, biscuits, cookies and maybe a few pieces of fruits here and there.

Now that I am back to weighing at 50kg, I feel that life is just more enjoyable and uplifting. How did I do it? I want to share these 5 secrets with you.

1. Stick to a ROUTINE. This is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to lose weight fast without putting a strain on your health or daily responsibilities. For example, your routine may be that you want to exercise 3 times a week, stick to that.

2. Decide the type of PHYSICAL activities what work best for your body type and inclinations. For example, you may like swimming but not running, or walking but not swimming, etc.
My only advice is to choose at least one activity that involves cardio type of work out, where you get to sweat a bit.

3. Eat healthy. By this I don't mean that you can't have a cookie now and then. This is like depriving yourself of something you love ... then what is the point of living.?! I suggest that you have a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner. This way, your mind doesn't crave for unhealthy alternative snacks all day and every day because it didn't get what it needs.

4. Make it into a HABIT. Take one step at a time.

5. Listen to your body. Take the middle path. Don't punish yourself or guilt-tripping yourself into doing something you don't want to do in your heart.

It is such a beautiful day outside. I am off for my run.

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