Numerology: Life Path Number - Why does it matter?

By NASA/Apollo 17 crew; taken by either Harrison Schmitt or Ron Evans [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
In numerology, life path number is your birth date. It is also the most important number in numerology. Why?  Why is (your) birth date has such the importance and play vital role in numerology? Can a person's life and destiny be determined just by knowing his/her birth date?

To make things simple, let's start with a simplified model. Let's assume that you are a manager of some resort island in a far far away place. This resort island is such a beautiful place that it has many visitors throughout the year. As for you, the manager, with a curious mind, watching visitors come and go - would you be able to read people based upon the date and time of their arrivals?

Would a person who arrive during a summer holiday be a tourist or visiting to do business? A person arrives in rainy season would probably be here on business -- coming here to work. Whereas, a visitor  during a summer holiday would likely be a tourist. A rainy-day visitor, would likely be less friendly than his/her summer-holiday counterpart.

Would a person arriving during snow season love winter sport and be a seasonal skier, or would he/she love swimming more? Would you choose to compete in running race against snow-season visitors or would you rather compete against summer-holiday visitors.

Would a person who arrives at the beginning of school semester likely to be a teacher or a student, instead of a holiday maker? Would you be able to tell if a person who arrives late at night, travelled on a more urgent schedule? Whereas a person who arrives in a morning carefully planned his/her trip.

How many percent would you bet if a visitor who arrives in spring have asthmatic illness and frequently suffered from hay fever?

Now let's turn things around a little, let's imagine now that you are a visitor or a person in charge to send someone to this island, let's say your child - Jim. Jim is a fun lover type of a child who loves to swim and has asthmatic problem associated with hay fever. When would be the best time to send Jim to visit this island? Is summer good?

How about Joe, your water irrigation expert. When would be best to send Joe to solve this urgent water-overflowing problem with the dam at the island? How about now! -- Like,  this middle of the night?!

Now, how about yourself? You have been working tirelessly all these days and have some saving, you need to go on a trip -- a trip to visit this wonderful little far-away island. How would you plan for your trip?

Oh, by the way, let's imagine that this island is named "Earth".

-- We all are travellers.

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear from you.

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