Ancient Astronaut: Pacal's sarcophagus lid

photo by Ariaski
"It can't be more obvious than this!", I announced.
To the right is the engraved picture on Pacal's Sarcophagus found in Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, Mexico.

King Pacal died in 683 CE, give or take, this sarcophagus is approximately 1300 years old!

I downloaded this image. Rotated it around in all angles and could only arrive at one conclusion.
"You are too bias," my partner said. "It's because you've been reading Von Deniken's books too much," she concluded.
She maybe right, so I turned my macbook around and showed the image to my kids.
"Uhhh, it's a man working in factory", my 5 years old son reckoned.

Top-view line-drawn version by Madman2001
Pacal The Great Tomb Lid
image by Madman2001
"Oooh! ooh!", my 7 years old daughter got excited, "It's a man riding a rocket!"
I turned my mac around and gave a victory-look to my partner,
"See! It can't be more obvious than this."

obtained under Creative Commons


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