Why does golf ball needs two pair of shorts?

photo by J4913
"Want to hear a joke?", my 9yo son asked. Since he started to read, he loved reading and telling jokes.

"Why does a golf ball needs two pair of shorts?", he asked.
I smiled, "I don't know!"

"Because, just in case *there is a hole in one*", he said.

I laughed and thought it was very funny. He had this big smile on his face for a while, then he said,
"I don't even know what does it mean, this joke!"

That was when we bursted out laughing. I spent the next 15 minutes explained to him about "hole in one".

Fifteen minutes later, he asked, "Why are you still laughing?"

Trying my best to suppress the laugh, I replied
"I heard lots of good jokes, but I never ever had to explain a joke back to the teller before".


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