Laughing Buddha

2012 Chinese New Year
May everyone be this happy.
And More!
Laughing Buddha. Fat Buddha. Happy Buddha. Smiling Buddha. Phra Sangkajai. Bu Dai. Or Hotei'.

His power: absorb negative energies or negative feeling and radiate positive feeling. Chinese people put him inside their houses facing the front door for bringing luck.

Legends said that he was once an actual person in the history who was seeking enlightenment through the paths of buddhism. He was quite lean and attractive. Hence there were quite number of females  infatuated with him. This was obviously a major obstacle for his course. So he wished to Lord Buddha to be fat and no longer be handsome. You can guess the rest of the story...

  • Respect him
  • Keep him clean & shinny
  • Put him up in a high place
  • Placing him with other blessing objects
  • Facing him to the entrance or front door
  • Rub his belly when you like - for luck!
  • Laugh with him. He'll laugh with you. Try it!
  • Disrespect him
  • Ignore him
  • Place him low on the ground
  • Mixing him with other non-blessing objects (i.e. shoes, etc)
  • Tossing or throwing him
  • Lying him down
  • ... you got the ideas. Right?

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