Secret to growing *hot* chillie

People at worship Chillies. The hotter the chilli the more respectful it gets. Growing up in Thailand, I am familiar (addicted!) to hot food. The hotter the better. My friends suspected me of being Masochist!

"2: pleasure in being abused or dominated : a taste for suffering"

In Australia, we spent decade searching for fruit/veggie shops that sell super hot chilli. We gave up and decided to grow our own. After another decade, we think we've found the *secret*! Here is what you need:

  • Super hot chilli seeds to start off with. This may be a bit hard to find. We were lucky, we've got a japanese friend who went to Thailand and smuggled chilli seeds into the country for us. "I just put the seeds between pages of my text book", she said
  • A good size pot or garden bed (approx 30cm x 30cm and at least 90cm depth)
  • A good soil
  • Use warm water or left-over beer when watering it
  • A very hot temper person to sow the seeds! 
I'm not kidding on the last point! It was an old-wife tale or an urban myth we didn't believe at first. For the past decade, I was the one with green-thumb and took care of growing things in the garden. I grew numerous versions of chilli. It didn't work. Until last month, I asked my wife to do it.

Last night we tried 3 chillies and it nearly killed me!

2012-01-26: Update. My chilli tree yielded its fruits today!


[1] World's hottest chilli grown by Aussies,

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