Apple Disrupted Space-Time-Continuum of My Life

Apple's way of naming their products has thrown my life into chaos! :(

This has been happening quite a lot now. Coming from a nerdy camp of being a programmer, I was taught to name my files/codes/variables/objects in a certain way - using a camel-case naming convention, like in Java programming language.

With the camel-case, you join all the words together, capitalizing the beginning of each word. This gives an appearance of up-and-down lumps like on the back of a camel. For example:

CustomerDeliveryAddress, or

You get the idea. I've been using this method for years. For years, I lived in harmony of seeing beautiful file naming convention. For years, I looked and am impressed with the list of filenames on my computer's folders or directories. I could spent all my morning, sipping my cup of Joe and said proudly to myself,

"boy! Look at that impressive list of file names!"
My harmony was disturbed and ended when I started blogging about Apple's stuffs. On many occasions, I had this problem when naming files:



They all look odd. The eccentric looking beautifully crafted filenames are gone. The space and time continuum of my life is disrupted. I had to come up with a new scheme. Something that will look equally good. Lately I started to name my files/objects/classes/variables as follow:


I cannot change one thing and not changing the others. So these days, I've adopted this convention when I code. I was almost contented and pleased with this new naming scheme. Almost back to the point where I can enjoy my morning coffee staring at these names with the new found beauty. Until I started looking at my old source codes.

No! No! No!

As I said, I cannot change one thing and not changing the others. The old source codes are still using the old convention. I am going to be busy this long weekend. I have to change them all. Maybe, I can come up with some program to do this for me. This is like writing a mini compiler.

I am going to be busy.

Very busy.

Better get start now.

(Updated: I had a brief moment of pleasure when seeing an odd *expression* on iCuriosity2's face when she approved this blog)


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