Tips: The 45-Minute Rule

The first day of the month, a good day to start something new. So, I set out to commit myself with the 45-Minute rule. That's right. 45-Minute rule dictates that you (should) never do any task for longer than 45 minutes. You break a big task into sizable chunks, each of which can be completed within 45 minutes. If any task takes longer than this time frame, I will take a break. 45-minute rule also promotes the idea of varying your tasks around. That is at the end of each 45-minute round, I will choose something else different to do.

This practice is based on 2 widely known observations:
  1. Human attention span is limited and varies from person to person. In addition, most effective (and less error prone) result is gained from this period. I picked 45 minutes because this duration suits me. For someone else, i.e. a child, this duration could be shorter, say 10 - 15 minutes.
  2. By varying your tasks, this allows different parts of your body to be utilized and rest respectively.
These are all the good benefits I've found (these are not exhaustive list):
  • By breaking big task down to sizable sub tasks, promote good discipline of think-before-you-do, a.k.a planning
  • You will be more focus
  • More effective
  • Less error
  • More interesting and less boring in what you do. I find I enjoyed my work more
  • I get to use/exercise different parts of my brain/body
  • Be more aware of your surrounding environment - that you don't bog down on the one task for too long
If you are interested in Varying Your Tasks, and Take Frequent Breaks concepts, here are more reference reading materials I've found useful:

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