Dreaming - Optimization Process for *my* Computer

I had a dream.

Ahem, this is not the beginning of Martin Luthur King's speech, but I did really have a dream last night.

This morning while I was brushing my teeth, I could have sworn that I had a dream. But I couldn't remember what it was. Some how I knew for sure that I did dream. It was good and exciting. But I couldn't remember what it was about!


Being in IT and very nerdy, I was thinking if I were to design a brain computer, what I would design for it to do when it is idle.

Here are the list of tasks or high level routines for my brain computer:

Go over the cache and purge out-dated files or pieces of information

When the mind goes over these information, this is probably when flashback occurred.

As it tries to decide which pieces of info are still relevant, it probably tries with all possibilities to connect several pieces together and decides whether any of these make sense. This is the validation process and probably is when I experience weirdness or impossibility - like I could fly and etc.

Defragment chunks of information

Now it's time for shuffling pieces of info around to make room for new information. Many pieces of info would be rearranged at this time. As the result, the mind/brain would see stories from the past. For example, seeing great grandpa or ex-girlfriend(s) ;)

Re-analyze and re-indexing

Now that all pieces of info are in place, it's time to optimize indexes for search. This sometime involves simulating scenes or scenarios and try to determine or guess the usage. This is when the brain sees fantasy or the future.

Discarding all work files in the temporary areas

My program would create sandboxes or virtual areas to do all the above works.

Note that the brain (well, my brain) does some kind of verification and tagging of all info it receives. It tags each info with the source of the information: seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, tasting. Other pieces of information are production of applying logics: deduction, induction, heuristic (a.k.a guessing) and so on.

Since production of dreaming does not fit with the verification process above, therefore it should be done in the sandbox and get purged or discarded when done.

And this is probably why I could not remember most of my dreams. This probably answers, too, why my brain degrades in term of functioning when I don't have enough sleep - can't remember things, forgetful, or slow to retrieve info, and etc.

Anyway, finished brushing my teeth and it's time to actually wake up and carry on with the rest of the day.


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