Motivation: Your Day - It's How It's Started

Life on Left Column Life on Right Column

0530 hrs, my alarm clock rung reminding me that I should go for run. Stuff it! It's Saturday I wanted more sleep.

0700 hrs, my kids climbed into our bed. Hmm that was wonderful. We hugged our kids for a while before the youngest one started moving around too much. Couldn't really blame him, his attention span was only about 3 minutes. So, I convinced them to go and play with their PS3.

1000 hrs, that was a nice sleep-in. My kids were still on PS3 and they were hungry. We all were. My wife cooked big sets of bacon, sausages, eggs, and toasts for all around.

1045 hrs, it's time to enjoy my cup of coffee. We just open a new bag of coffee beans. It's smell was so tempting. My boy asked if we could go to the oval, he really wanted to show me his new soccer moves. I told him that I wanted to catch up with the morning papers and beside my knee was hurt (wasn't that bad but it seemed to justify my excuse). I hated to see him sad, but it was too cold outside.

1230 hrs, the papers were interesting. Lunch time. I felt guilty so I told my kids that we could go to lunch at the shopping mall and perhaps some movie. I heard that the new Karate Kid was good. They cheered. I felt like I've done my job.

It's 0525 hrs, I turned off my alarm clock before it went off, I beat it again today. Rolled to the side of the bed and started my 100s push-up - a condition I set to not allow me to return back to bed. Crouch-up and some stretch and my wife and I were ready for our 8 km weekend run.

(Note to self, two chicks ran passed me, couldn't keep up with them. Have to work on this)

A good run today, 5 degree celsius, a bit of drizzle, we both loved it. We were back by 0700 hrs. Showered and I went to hug my kids for a while just to rough them up a bit to get them out of their beds.

0730 hrs, my wife cooked some bacon, eggs, and salad. Killing time, I grabbed the vacuum machine and vacuumed the house. I told my kids to go and tidy up their room instead of playing computer games early in the morning.

0800 hrs, breakfast was nice, I like the salad. New bag of freshly ground coffee was wonderful. I read some more papers to catch up with the news and told my kids that they were good kids and that their rooms were tidy, so they could play some games on PS3.

0930 hrs, we went down to the oval, my son couldn't wait to show me his new soccer move. Impressive. I, myself as a 2nd Dan Aikido, was trying to pass on some moves to him as well. But, he wasn't so interested. So I thought that may be Jackie Chan might do a better job. I told them that we might go to see the new Karate Kid. They cheered. My wife said that only if they finish their home work first.

1030 hrs, morning is still early. Kids in their rooms doing home work, I look at my wife and gave her a meaningful wink. She gave me a dirty look.

I love my Saturday morning.

I've spent 36 years of my life living on the left column of the above table. Only the last few years, I have discovered life on the right column. It sounds hard to achieve at first, but it is really that first 5 seconds when you wake up that determines the rest of your day.

Which side of the column on the table you'd like to live?


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