Tips: Problem Getting Out of The Bed? - Try Push-Up

It was so dark. It was icy cold. Your bed was warm and the most comfy spot in the universe. If not because of that darn alarm clock that was blaring its butt off, you'd want to curl your body in, under the blanket and hugging that someone who is warm and cuddly. You reached your hand out, slammed hard on the clock, hitting the snooze button, and quickly retracted you hand back into the warm heaven.
"5 minutes more and I'll get up", you told yourself.
Sun came up! You sprang out of the bed. "Hooo leeee s#$@!!" You looked for the clock and found that you've tugged it in so deep in the bed that you didn't hear it rung. It was 8am. You are late! Really late!

Does that sound familiar to you? I don't know about you, but this scene has been played repeatedly again and again throughout my life. I have tried unsuccessfully many methods that will kick me out of the bed and into my day productively. The most daredevil one was setting the clock at 5am and hid it under my dad's bed. That worked well for a while, until one late Friday night that I decided to stay over at a friend's place - forgetting all about that magic clock under dad's bed.

Recently I thought up of a new tactic. Beside morning run, I visit gym later during the day - push-up, crouch-up, chin-up, and other stuffs were parts of the routines. The last time I checked, you don't have to do these inside the gym. So I started doing some of these exercises other time during the day - like in the morning.

*WARNING: Please check this with your doctor first. See warning note below *

It turned out this worked so well. I kept my exercise-mat under my bed. 5 am, before the clock went off, I rolled out and start doing push-up. This went in automatic mode, Don't let yourself time to think or to feel (the cold) or to find any excuse, just simply roll to the side of the bed and start pushing. I started off with 20s, then 50s. Four or five weeks later, I can do 100s.

Believe me, at the end of 100th push-up, you won't want to go back to sleep. These days, I simply continue with crouch-up and a morning run. Never miss a day.

If you'd like to try this out, please be very careful. If you have heart condition or not in a good shape, please consult your doctor first. Go slow. Do not rush. Try push-up 10 times first few days, then gradually increase it. If you feel dizzy or feel bad, stop.
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