My 3G Speed Test: Telstra Vs Optus

These are the results of my cellular speed test between Telstra's 3G on my iPhone vs. Optus's 3G on my iPad.

The first result is from my iPhone on Telstra 3G network.

And this is from my iPad on Optus 3G network.

I did the tests approximately the same time and at the same place.

  • iPad on Optus 3G is average at: 612.6 kb/s
  • iPhone on Telstra 3G is average at: 547.6 kb/s
I thought the quality and speed of Telstra's network will be better and faster. Hmm. Not so true here. Maybe I need to run more tests from various locations. Any way, it is good that I did not end up with Telstra for both iPhone and iPad.

I went looking for 3G plan for my iPad on the weekend. The first stop was at Telstra shop. They made me wait for half an hour before they came and serviced me. When I told them what I wanted, they just said sorry all their SIMs have run out! @#!@#$!

I, then, visited Optus shop just 3 shops further. Sell rep came and explained all info to me and I made a purchase and left the store in less than 10 minutes.

Oh the software I used was CheckMyTubes by CBS Interactive. It is available from the AppStore for free.


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