Ancient Mystery - Trend: The Pyramids

Notice any trend about our ancient civilizations?

Let's start with the most iconic ancient wonder - the Pyramids.

There once was a group of very advanced civilizations. They built behemoth humongous structures that withstand over time and so mysteriously such that even people of modern day can not figure out how they did it!

Imagine how civilized they once were.

They must be so advanced in many fields - not one, not two, but many - to be able to achieve such a feat.

Consider their advances in mathematics, astrology, geology, architecture, transportation, logistics, and engineering - see those precise calculation, placements, location, and construction.

Think about advances in management, documentation methods, and communication - imagine managing a project in your company with more than 20 people, now try 200,000+ people. How about a project that expands over 20+ years. Can you imagine referring to design specification document that was written 20+ years back?

What about advances in spiritual - imagine convincing large group of people to believe in the same thing, in achieving the same goals. Peacefully.

Advancement in medical sciences - imagine caring and curing for those thousands of workers who injured themselves, bone and muscle treatment, chronic disease, and what about plague and disease prevention.

Advancement in military, government, administration, and resource management - imagine keeping the country calm and prosperous during the construction years with no uprising, riots, and/or no invasion from neighbouring lands. Keep in mind that, the majority of their young, healthy and strong population were doing construction work, i.e. building the pyramids. And perhaps, the other healthy lots were doing agricultural and infrastructural works, and etc. So where and how many were left for the army?!

I can keep going, but to cut things short, a civilization who were advanced in only certain areas would not be able to achieve something at this level of greatness.

Yet, for no known cause or reason, despite all advancement in many areas, they simply vanished! Gone! Without a trace! Unexplained! Why?!

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