Hidden Wisdom: Love soup then you love taking care of your siblings

When I was young we often gathered around the big dining table sharing meals. It was a wonderful time. I enjoy Mom's cooking, especially soup. I didn't care much of the contents. Just the soup. At one time, grandma commented,

"Love drinking soup! Love and will take care of siblings, this one,"

At that time, I didn't quite understand how love drinking soup related to the fact that I will love and taking care of siblings and/or family members. I was just genuinely loved the soup, not so much the contents of it, just the soup.

Many years passed by. Years of hardship. There were times that we had to cut budget on things. Things like the amount of meat in the soup. I remember the time when I reached out into a soup bowl before anyone, picked good bits of meat, then placed them on my kids' and/or my wife's bowls.

Many times, I got a question look from her, "Don't you like the meat?"

"Nah. I love the soup"


Now looking at my daughter, she had siphoned Tom Yum Goong's soup into her bowl so that she could almost swim in it. There were still plenty of prawns in the main bowl.

Tears on the corner of my eyes, thinking about grandma, life and her wisdom, then I commented

"Love soup, eh? You will love and taking care of your brother and your family, won't you,"

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