Take aim at the blue cube!

It was considerably a long time. A long time if you were standing, still, staring at a blank wall for 2-3 minutes. Blank wall. Well almost, except this instruction that tells me to take aim at the blue cube!

It is funny how when we were young, we were told to always flush the toilet after finishing our "number-3" business (and of course number-2, as well). Time goes by. I grew up. But this time, I am being told *not* to flush toilet when doing number-3.

Yes, that's right. They said that water is bad for hygienic in the toilet. Water helps bacteria binds with urine solids - their food source and, as a result, producing bad odor. They put this Blue Cube inside that toilet bowl instead. This Blue Cube prevents this from happening.
www.desert.com.au | Microbes put a spanner in the works: "Desert Waterless Urinal Cubes contain naturally occurring microbes that break down the binding process that causes uric scale. Faecal bacteria are no longer able to latch onto urine solids as a source of food. Unpleasant odours are eliminated at their source"
They claim that this solution tackles problem at the root cause and save water up to 98%. Furthermore, they point out all the negatives of flushing:

www.desert.com.au | Conventional responses just don’t work : More flushing makes it worse
"... More water means more water scale, which creates an even more favourable environment for thriving bacterial colonies. More water also means more wastage ..."
Sanitising doesn’t work in a flushing system
"... Automatic sanitisers are sometimes connected to the flushing system to kill bacteria living in the drain. However, the volume of water required for flushing over-dilutes the sanitiser and renders it ineffective..."
Deodorisers just mask the smell and introduce new risks
"... Deodorant blocks do not sanitise or disinfect, but they can be used to cover up the bad smell in urinals. These products carry a poison rating of S6 and pose a significant risk to health and the environment..."
Almost done with my #3 business, looked around and sniffed around, hmm, this Blue Cube must work as advertised. Our toilet at work is nice, dry, with very nice pleasent smell.

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