iPad Wifi Vs. iPad 3G (Round 4)

I still haven't put the order for my iPad through. What am I waiting for?

The final test.

Now I know my Macbook can access to the internet by tethering via my iPhone. The grand plan is to get an iPad (Wifi) and access the net via my iPhone. Some how I doubt this.

Why would Apple allow iPad to access internet via iPhone?

Apple knows fully well of the big number of fans are out there with their iPhone. If they allow this, most of these people with iPhone will not buy iPad 3G. They all will be buying iPad Wifi.

A friend of my has just returned from the US. I need to see him.

"I'll buy you lunch and you will lend me your iPad? Deal?"

"I can let you have a look and play with it for 5-10 mins then I will have to go,"

"Ok, I'll buy you coffee instead then,"

We met at lunch with his new shiny iPad from the States.

"Geez, are you sure you've got a good unit? The bluetooth doesn't seem to work. Haven't you checked this?"

My friend's eyes were bulging, "Of course it works."

"Doesn't it?" He wasn't so sure now.

"Let me check it," I offered
This is not good. I tried and tried to pair the iPad with my iPhone with tethering turned on. Again and again, for over 20 minutes, the iPad wouldn't just recognize the iPhone. I did pick up some other bluetooth devices. But not the iPhone.

I handed the iPad back to my friend, "The bluetooth seemed to be working. It did pick up several devices around here."

"So, where is my coffee, " my friend asked.

"What! I just helped you with the bluetooth thingy. You should be buying."

Oh well. My grand plan of having iPad Wifi access the net via my iPhone is not working. So, if I want always-online iPad, I will just have to get the 3G one. 1+ for the 3G iPad.

iPad wifi: 1
iPad 3G: 4

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