Pheromone - Why Am I Stuck Here?!

I used to laugh at those insects like ants, bees, or termites where an entire colony dedicated their lives just for one queen. All work for one purpose - to serve the queen.

I remember being amazed looking at ants or termites. Day-in day-out, each insect would dutifully and orderly carried something and heading to its nest. Then, off it went for the next load. Never stopped. Just pick any day, after school, I visited their nests. Never failed, rain or shine, they would work away. I guess that is how they make their living. No stealing. No hoarding. Just kept on working. There must be something that was keeping them in-check.

That something is called 'Pheromone'.

When I grow up and if I become more powerful. I might want to colonize a world somewhere. I would then want to make sure to invent some kind of force/rules/or temptation that would make people of that world keep working - for me. Pheromone might work with low-level organism animals, but surely, for higher intelligent beings, I would need something more complicate. Something more powerful. Something to keep them working for me, without knowing. Day-in, day-out, they would wake up in the morning, kiss their love ones, get themselves into their vehicles, dutifully go to work, laboring their entire sunlight day working, dutifully come home, rest and make sure that they will be ready for work the next day. For me.

And when and if I could find something like that, I would call it -



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