Note & Analysis: Easter Island. Where are the roads?

Things I've found that don't make sense (to me) is the fact about how moais were built and transported to various locations around the island. My thoughts are as follow:
  1. Moais are big and heavy
  2. Each moai takes a long time to carve
  3. Care must be taken to transport each moai to its final destination without breakage or damage. After point 1 and 2, above, each moai, when finished must be like a masterpiece.
  4. Great number of people must be used for transporting each moai
  5. Good collaboration is important to accomplish such a task
  6. Long term planning and good management is required after all they would not plan to build and transport one or two moais but many (like over 800+)
Given the above observation, I expect to find the following:
  1. Moai builders must start off with a plan (for the final location of each moai). I cannot perceive that any one would just raced to the volcanic mountain, carved a big rock into a giant statue, then dragged it around aimlessly.
  2. Moai builders would likely started off with building good roads first. Once a resting place for each particular moai had been determined, their leader/project manager/coordinator would likely send out a force to start the carving job, while, in the meantime, sent out different task force to cut down trees and make the roads.
  3. These roads must be used again and again, over and over. Therefore, at least, their trails should exist to these days. Even without any plan, after several ten or so of statues, it would have occurred to them that they would have to go up the mountain again, carved new statues, then moved them down to somewhere along the shores.
  4. These roads would also be used for other purposes: delivery foods and supplies to the rock carvers; annually visiting moais (for whatever purposes, i.e. paying respect and etc); maintenacne of moais and resting sites (they can't simply ignore that statues, lawn to mow, grass to cut, and etc)
Yet, these are the odd things I've found:
  1. There is no road and trail found | Easter Island Discovery Sends Archaeologists Back to Drawing Board: "Fieldwork led by researchers at University College London and The University of Manchester, has shown the remote Pacific island's ancient road system was primarily ceremonial and not solely built for transportation of the figures."
  2. There is no written plan or map or carving picture found. I was hoping to find evidence of map or written plan or artifact or anything that records how moais were built and transported. But none!
  3. There is no picture of the moais exist! Not on the walls, not on the rocks, not even on woodcraft piece! This picture, if carved into the mountain wall, would serve as a blueprint for the next maoi. The islanders carved all sorts of pictures: fish, bird, and figures on rocks and stones, and yet, no moai picture!

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