Wonders of FengShui - House on the lower ground level

Today, I was dragged by a friend to inspect residential properties with her as she's keen to purchase one soon. Since I know a little bit of Fengshui, she thought it'll be of great help to her if I could come along.

Here we are at property #1. This is a very large property with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, double carport and a large rear backyard. This property was decorated to sell. All the lights were turned on, soft music was playing in the background, a huge, flat screen TV was turned on, and a beautiful fish tank was displayed in the lounge room.

As I walked down the driveway towards the front door, I couldn't help noticing that the house is way below the level of the road. It just doesn't feel right. To me, this implies that if she lives in that house, her views (generally) will be obscured and also other people's "rubbish" (figuratively speaking) will gather at her front door.

Now, she's back on the hunt again.

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