Searching for ET: Just Follow the Money Trails

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully spent 9+ years tried to prove US Government's cover-up in searching for extraterrestrial. But, I think the evidences are just right there - in plain sight.
  • Apollo Program, 1966 - 1972, cost $170 billion | Apollo Program: In 2009, NASA held a symposium on project costs which presented an estimate of the Apollo program costs in 2005 dollars as roughly $170 billion. This included all Research and development (R&D) costs; the procurement of 15 Saturn V rockets, 16 Command/Service Modules, 12 Lunar Modules, plus program support and management costs; construction expenses for facilities and their upgrading, and costs for flight operations
  • Voyager Interstella Mission, approved 1972, launched 1977, cost $876 million | Voyager - Did You Know?: 'The total cost of the Voyager mission from May 1972 through the Neptune encounter (including launch vehicles, nuclear-power-source RTGs, and DSN tracking support) is 865 million dollars'
  • Viking, 1976 - 1983, cost $1 billion | Viking Program: 'The total cost of the Viking project was roughly US$1 billion.'
  • Mars Pathfinder, launched 1996, cost $440 million | Mars Pathfinder Mission Information: 'The Mars Pathfinder mission cost approximately $265 million including launch and operations. Development and construction of the lander cost $150 million and the rover about $25 million.' 
 I mean from investor's point of view, have you ever seen anyone invest in something with no return?
Millions of dollar. Billions of dollar.

Just follow the money trails...


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