iPad Wifi Vs. iPad 3G (Round 2)

One more day! Tomorrow, I can order my iPad online. Yet, I still don't know which one to get.

"For me, it's the iPad Wifi, man", my other friend suggested.

He added, "Me, iPad Wifi -> Android Tethering -> The Net", he added with a wink as he had all things in this world figured out.

"Meh," was my reply.

Me and Android! No way in this world! No way I will ever leave my beloved iPhone. Beside, I feel forever am obligated and faithful to Mr. Jobs. Me flinging with Android is not going to happen. Beside, I don't have time to re-learn coding with Android.

Since I will never go for Android, and since iPhone OS would probably never do tethering, there is only one choice if you require always-on internet access. One point (+1) to the iPad 3G.

Current scores:
iPad Wifi: 1
iPad 3G: 2

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