iPad apps that survived

The iPad is amazing!

Got it two days ago. Day 1 was spent on setting up the iPad. Most of day 2 was on installing apps. First all the apps from my iPhone. Then the *free* apps specific to the iPad. Day 3 is the elimination process.

The big screen of the iPad was so good. So good that once I am familiar with the native iPad apps, the scaled-up iPhone apps just won't do any more. Most of them (the native iPhone apps) are down-right ugly. They are ugly to the point that I had to remove them. One surprising thing though! It's about many of the iPhone games. I've found many of native iPhone games are surprisingly good when scaled up to full screen mode on iPad.

And here they are - all the apps surviving my elimination process. In order of preference, first screen are for those apps I use the most. The lower they are on the screen the more frequent I use them.

The second screen is reserved for those I rarely use or apps under reviewed or under evaluation. I can't decide what to make of them. Some of them are quite good or attractive, i.e. Tweet Flow, but limited in term of functionality.

The last screen is for games. Most of them look and function quite well on iPad. Few others I can't find the equivalent replacement, i.e. SmartGo or iReversi.

Next week will be interesting as I will start using the iPad in real *professional* ;) work environment.


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