Good or Bad - a *relative* state of being

I am touching on sensitive issues today.

"What does it mean when somebody says X is a good person or Y is a bad person?"

Consider a scenario of a hypothetical world. This world has 2 islands: island A and island B. Each island has limited supplies of food and resources - just enough to supply its own citizens. One day, island B was experienced with unfortunate natural disaster which caused them hardship and famine. Despite the best efforts of their leader, people of island B were suffering greatly and started to die, one by one.

Leader of B island sent a letter to A island asking for help. Island A refused to help as they too were hit by the disaster and having supplies just barely enough for their people. Many refugees were turning back and/or left to die.

A few weeks later, situation on island B worsened to the point of extinction of their people. Their leader must make drastic decision. The next morning, the leader of B island decided to raid A island. Island A put up a fight. Lots of people on both sides died. People of B island won and brought back some food and supplies.

With food and supplies they brought back, B island sustained and survived the hardship. Both islands eventually recovered. People of island B were so grateful of their leader and built a statue to worship and remember him - a hero!

Hundred years has passed, when people visited island B they would see a large monument built for remembering the great leader who saved the nation. Everywhere they went they saw and heard of stories, folklore of their beloved hero.

What do you think these visitors would see when they visit the other island?


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