Review: Belkin Sport Armband for iPhone (Updated #2)

"OMG! My iPhone was soaking wet!"
That was my first expression when I saw the armband itself was soaking wet.

Three days ago, I went running early in the morning. It was only 5 degree Celsius at 5:30 am. Checked the weather radar ( and saw no rain. So, with 2 layers of shirts, a cap, a pair of running shorts, my runners, and an iPhone inside my Belkin Sport armband, off I went.

It was completely dark and quiet. No one was *crazy* enough to be outside. Only me and one more equally *crazy* person - my partner - went running. No wonder why we are partners.

Ten mins down the road, the rain was pouring - not drizzling, not showering, but pouring. For 10 mins, we ran in the rain. I reckoned that we ran the fastest pace that day to keep us warm. During that time, I was preparing to say "goodbye" to my iPhone.

Back at home, I carefully dry the case before remove the iPhone and inspected it. It looked ok. Dry. I shoved it in the rice bucket and left it there for the next 45 mins while I was preparing for work.

Three days now, it's still working! The case is now dry and still in perfect working condition. So there you go, people who emailed me and asked if you can *wash* the case. I guess it can be washed then.

Will I bring my iPhone running in the rain again?

Probably not.


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