Economy: Rubbish and Current State of Economy

This week is our Hard Rubbish Collection week. It's the week where, in our suburb, people place all their unwanted items on their front lawn or nature strip. These items will be collected by our city council and recycled or discarded later.

I was reading this good post this morning: | The current state of the Australian Economy and where it appears to be heading :
In summary, some of the keys that can be used to show current economy's state are: Consumer Price Index (CPI), Unemployment rate, Building Approval and New Capital Expenditure Building, ...
Looking at the amount of rubbish items in the neighbor hood area, I noticed something which was quite different from the previous year. It was the amount of rubbish items and the quality of them. There were more items, many items are still new and/or in working condition, i.e. some nice leather furniture, big screen TVs, old toys, bicycles, and so on. Many houses went an extra length of nicely wrap the TVs in proper plastic sheet with label "In Working Condition"!

It's quite obvious these people were upgrading their furniture and household equipments -- new furniture, new toys, new kitchen equipment and white goods, new flat screen TVs, and etc.

I reckon that the study/article above should include "Discard Rubbish Items" in the article as well.


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